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Broadly speaking, scrap metal can be placed into two distinct categories: non-ferrous and ferrous; both are accepted at our scrap metal merchants near Beckenham. The latter are magnetic, pliable, cheap and strong – but on the downside of things, susceptible to rusting. Non-ferrous scrap metal, on the other hand, is non-magnetic, thermo- and electro-conductive, lighter, corrosion-resistant and as a result, more expensive. So if you have a quantity of non-ferrous scrap metal for sale, you’re in luck!

But how to identify common examples of non-ferrous scrap metal – the types we most frequently purchase from Beckenham residents at our scrap metal yard in Croydon? Read on for our most recent blog to find out…

Your Guide to 3 Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal

Aluminium – An incredibly common metal known for its versatility. It comes in all sorts of forms, and is typically silver-coloured and typically of a non-ferrous scrap metal – light weight. It’s easily welded and due to its versatility and sought-after mix of qualities is used in all sorts of ways, from aircraft and car manufacture to the construction of railways, as well as in the food and drinks industry. Beckenham residents can find aluminium in sheet, cast, can, gutter/siding, wire and rim form, amongst others.

Copper – With its distinctive red-brown colouring, copper is famous for its use as electrical wiring due to its conductivity; but that’s far from all it thrives as. Copper sheet roofing, bearings and furniture are all other common sources of this sought after non-ferrous metal, which fetches a high price at scrap metal yards like ours near Beckenham. What’s more, we’re constantly on the ball with the latest market values, so you’ll always get every penny you deserve.

Lead – Known for its malleability and impressive resistance to corrosion, lead is a great metal for use in harsh environments. Its typically non-ferrous attributes – e.g electro-conductivity – make it well-used in power cables, batteries and the construction industry. While Beckenham clients are less likely to stumble across it than with copper and aluminium, we do have those in particular industries (e.g developers and tradesmen) who bring it to us for our fantastic service and top prices paid for scrap metal.

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