Scrap Metal Merchants in West Wickham | Phoenix Scrap Metals

Our West Wickham clients come in all shapes and sizes: from sole traders who regularly have scrap metal left over after a job, to companies in need of reliable scrap metal merchants as an on-going partner, to individual homeowners with a few “bits and bobs” they wish to recycle.

It’s these latter clients that this article concentrates on, specifically: where domestic clients in and around the West Wickham area are most likely to find items they can bring to our scrap metals for handsome compensation!

Where to Find Scrap Metal at Home

Kitchen – All sorts of old or unwanted utensils can be scrapped, from pots and pans, to baking sheet and cutlery. The key is figuring out what type of metal these items are, so you can separate them into ferrous and non-ferrous piles before bringing to our scrap metal merchants near West Wickham. Another source of scrap metal is appliances which may contain rare metals or copper wire.

Bedrooms – Lots of old fixtures and furniture may contain, or be entirely made up of sought after scrap metal. Think old televisions, bed frames, lamps, air conditioners, desks and anything else that might be currently taking up room in a West Wickham bedroom. Often times, they will need to be broken down by scrap metal merchants before they are weighed and graded.

Gardens & Outdoor Spaces – Definitely a fruitful area for many West Wickham property owners, with guttering, outdoor furniture, railings, fences and garden appliances (mowers, etc.) all typically containing sought after scrap metal.

Miscellaneous – Any room containing electronic devices full of copper wire is worth considering before a trip to a scrap yard to rid yourself of unwanted items. Then there’s common items like pain cans, screws and power tools, or even old bikes which have exhausted their welcome.

But this is far from exhaustive; West Wickham residents considering a trip to our scrap metal merchants shouldn’t hesitate in contacting us for further advice on what is and what isn’t wanted as scrap metal.

You can reach Phoenix Scrap Metals – the West Wickham area’s favoured scrap metal merchants – on 07803 726131.