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There are a number of different ferrous and non-ferrous metals that our scrap metal merchants purchase from Thornton Heath residents. Below, we’ve run over just a few. The goal is to share statistics that show exactly why recycling scrap metals is such a good idea!

3 Popular Scrap Metals – What Are the Facts?

Aluminium – An incredibly cost effective metal to recycle, it’s estimated that 75% of all aluminium ever manufactured is still in circulation today. Recycling it uses 95% less energy than primary manufacture, and huge amounts of savings in regards to CO2 emissions and bauxite. It’s no wonder why our scrap metal merchants near Thornton Heath receive so much of it, when you think of its wide availability and all these fantastic benefits associated with aluminium recycling.

Copper – Top quality scrap copper retains 95% of its value next to first-use copper, which informs the high price paid by scrap metal merchants like our own. Global demand has nearly tripled over the past 60 years, and it shows – nearly 80% of all copper produced is still being used! Scrap copper processing only uses 35% of the CO2 used in primary manufacturing, and 42% of Europe’s supply is directly tied to recycling. So if you’re in Thornton Heath with copper for sale, contact our scrap metal merchants at your earliest convenience.

Steel – How could we not mention steel? The most widely recycled scrap metal in the world, recycling it leads to a reduction of 80% of CO2 involved in the primary manufacturing process. It also nearly halves water used in the process, and minimises associated water pollution. Scrap metal merchants and other recycling industries in Thornton Heath and the wider UK export three quarters of their recycled steel, making it a major part of the nation’s GDP.

But there are plenty of other common metals always in demand at our Thornton Heath scrap metal merchants, including lead, tin and zinc.

So contact our friendly scrap metal merchants, based near Thornton Heath in Croydon, whatever you have for sale. You can reach us on 07803 726131.