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Common clients in the Beckenham area using our scrap metal merchants on daily, weekly or monthly basis are those in the construction industry – either as sole traders, or as part of a wider company. They bring us a range of different ferrous and non-ferrous metals, knowing that we pay out generous sums and provide a high standard of customer service. But where might these different metals be found?

Common Scrap Metals in the Construction Trade

Ferrous Metals – Sole traders and companies around Beckenham of all shapes and sizes should keep an eye out for ferrous metals, one of the most valuable forms that scrap metal merchants pay out for. One common type is carbon steel, which can be found in beams, plates, tubing and rebar, to name just a few common sources.

Aluminium – The key with aluminium is how readily available and plentiful it is. Window and door frames, wiring, handles to all sorts of fixtures, roofing and ducts are all likely to be made of the stuff. Many long-standing Beckenham clients in the construction trade will visit our scrap metal merchants with vast quantities of the stuff, which quickly leads to a handsome pay-out.

Copper – Any Beckenham trade working with plumbing systems – e.g during a demolition, plumbing re-fit or development project such as a refurbishment – is likely to find copper tubing. Spare and unwanted pipes are the most common source you’ll find it in, but you can also find it in taps and similar ornamental items. Copper fetches high prices at scrap metal merchants, so don’t simply “chuck it”!

Stainless Steel – Roofing, handrails and frames, to name just a few common sources, can contain stainless steel, known for its strength and versatility as a construction material. Scrap metal merchants will grade it, and depending on its quality and re-use value, pay out a decent sum below that of copper, but well above that of aluminium and other “cheaper” scrap metals.

Tradesmen and construction companies in the Beckenham area will find a reliable partner in Phoenix Scrap Metals. Our scrap metal merchants use sophisticated grading and weighing equipment to ensure you get generous pay-outs, each and every time you visit us or arrange a collection.

For more information about the scrap metal we purchase, call our scrap metal merchants on 07803 726131. We cover Beckenham and all surrounding areas.