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At Phoenix Scrap Metals in Croydon, we’re committed to providing an ultra-reliable local solution for the sale of scrap metal. Our scrap metal merchants pay top prices, and take great efforts to ensure the materials we purchase head onto secondary use, thereby reducing the amount of primary materials being mined and used in the production cycle.

One thing that separates our scrap metal merchants from the old school wheeler-dealer types prominent in Croydon and its surrounds is the fact we know the law, and at all times abide by it. That’s the subject of the page below – rules and regulations governing the sale and purchase of scrap metal of all varieties, both ferrous and non-ferrous.

Scrap Metal & the Law – What to Know

  1. Scrap metal merchants can only pay clients via cheque or electronic transfer. Cash was outlawed as an option as a means of clamping down on the sale of illegally procured scrap metal in Croydon and the wider UK.
  2. Scrap metal merchants must be officially licenced by the relevant local authority – in this particular case, Croydon Council.
  3. Scrap metal merchants must also obtain a Certificate of Conformity proving that the business complies with relevant legislation.
  4. Scrap metal merchants must also keep detailed records of any seller’s name and address.
  5. Croydon customers should bring a form of identification as we will need to see it and make copies if you plan to sell any quantity of scrap metal.

And that’s just about it when it comes to relevant aspects of legislation governing scrap metal merchants. If you are unsure about any of the above or wish further clarification, give us a call. The same goes for if you’re searching for reputable scrap metal merchants covering the Croydon area, as we’re based right here on your doorstep!

Have scrap for sale? Call the Croydon area’s favoured scrap metal merchants on 07984 469 507.