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One of the most common scrap metals we receive at our Croydon yard is aluminium. In part, this is due to how much of it there is out there to stumble across. But that’s far from the only reason. In fact, for many: aluminium is the king of the recyclables. Below, we explain just why in our inaugural blog. If you’re more interested in contacting our Croydon based scrap metal merchants, skip ahead and call 07984 469 507 or 07803 726 131.

Why Aluminium is King of the Recyclables

Energy Saving – Recycling aluminium saves a whopping 95% of the energy involved in its primary production process: extraction, processing, refinement, etc. Croydon residents wanting to help chip in on the mammoth job of cleaning up our ecosphere can accomplish a lot by bringing in all forms of scrap metal – but the sheer efficiency that can be achieved with aluminium makes it a stand out.

Green House Gas Reduction – Another staggering figure: aluminium scrap metal recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 97%. With so many folk around Croydon switching from petrol to electric cars, and from meat to plant based diets in attempts to reduce their own contributions to emissions, it’s helpful to know that something both easy and lucrative (bringing in aluminium scrap metal to our yard), is also incredibly effective.

Replacement of Harmful Materials – A less talked about benefit of aluminium scrap metal recycling is that it’s constantly being used to replace other materials which are far less eco-friendly. For example, many residential and commercial developments popping up in Croydon and the wider UK are using secondary source aluminium in place of timber – north of 75% in fact. This means less deforestation, a crucial factor when it comes to reducing the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere.

Wide Use, Lots of Applications – Aluminium is a Jack of all trades and can be used for all sorts of ends – from Coke cans and cars, to property developments. This is down to it being light weight, strong and as we’ve spoken about at length, green! So if you have any aluminium scrap metal you’d like to get rid of while making a fair sum, why not visit Phoenix Scrap Metals? We’re based right here in Croydon, on your front door step!

For all inquiries relating to scrap metal sale, contact Croydon’s Phoenix Scrap Metals on 07803 726131.