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It stands to reason you might have some questions about what goes on at scrap yards, like ours located close-by Croydon in Thornton Heath. So below, we’ve used our latest blog post as an opportunity to answer some scrap yard Q&A’s, so you can get a better understanding of what we’re up to at Phoenix Scrap Metals, and how the wider industry works.

Scrap Yard Questions & Answers

How Do They Work? – Scrap metal merchants purchase scrap from all manners of clients, from homeowners clearing out properties, to companies and trades in the construction, manufacturing and utility industries. They look to attract business by paying top rates and providing a standard of customer service superior to their competitors (something we take very seriously at our scrap metal yard near Thornton Heath). Scrap metal is then carefully processed and sold to recyclers or manufacturers.

How Effective is Recycling Scrap Metal? – In a word: incredibly. Not only does using secondary materials like processed scrap metal reduce the amount of raw material coming out of the ground, it significantly cuts back on energy usage and greenhouse gas emission. Other benefits that Thornton Heath clients will have a hand in contributing toward include reduced deforestation (metals like aluminium replace timber in construction activities), and a circular economy which creates local jobs.

What Should I Know Before Selling Scrap Metal? – The main thing to know is the laws and regulations around payment. Once upon a time, scrap metal could be bought and sold without any real paperwork being filed, and this led to a huge amount of crime tainting the industry. Now, Thornton Heath clients should expect to bring photo identification and accept payment not in cash, but by cheque or electronic bank transfer: two important measures that have drastically increased transparency and accountability.

How Much Can I Make Selling Scrap Metal? – This is a bit like how long’s a piece of string? Factors that will determine the amount you make include the type of metal (alloys are more valuable than aluminium), the condition (we use sophisticated grading technology to get an accurate reading), and the amount/weight of scrap metal you bring in. To ensure our Thornton Heath clients get great prices, we use accurate databases on scrap metal value, updated in real time.

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